The process how to create report card

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The process how to update activity info

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What Is Pickiddo Apps

Pickiddo features

Home feature

Pickiddo provides news and video portal within the Home view.

Information about pickiddo

Sharing latest news

Sharing latest video

Profile Parent feature

Profile able to update parent information on this feature.

Overall, our app is used by the following group of people :



  Any user

Update profile picture and information

Profile show list of student

To change picture, click on camera and select picture that you wished to change.

Click Save Changes

Profile Student

Update profile picture and information

List of subjects taken by students at the Learning Center

To show subject, click on the student. It will show list of subjects that student are taken.

To change picture, click on camera and select picture that you wished to change.

Askiddo feature

Any user can share their knowledge on this feature. If there is question about pickiddo, pickiddo team will answer their question.

List of askiddo from user

Click on icon to add new question about pickiddo or other.

Teacher feature

Teacher on pickiddo able to check in attendance using pickiddo apps, show list of teacher history and student evaluation.

Teacher can upload photo as activity that has been done to share with parent

Check in attendance

List of next coming classes

Student evaluation

To check in attendance for teacher, please make sure teacher have connected with wifi learning center.

Teacher can evaluate student by using slide range

Student feature

Student on pickiddo able to:

1. check in attendance

2. check next coming classes.

3. receive activity note/photo from teacher. This also can be used as Homework assignment.

4. view Report Card that has test results, evaluation comments or behaviour range

Process to create report card

Check in attendance

List of schedule

Activity (student can reply with the comment)

List evaluation

Range evaluation

Payment feature

Parent can pay learning center fees through our apps, it called kiddo pay

List of payment

Payment Invoice

In order to pay the unpaid fees, user need to click the red box, then user will direct to kiddo pay for the transaction.

Click Kiddo Pay to pay.

Notification feature

Notification is a message box that contain messages sent from admin of learning center to user/parent.

Message Notification

Setting Notification

Customize your setting by

Support feature

This segment is for Pickiddo's support team to receive any feedback, complaint, suggestion or any question regarding Pickiddo App.


If you have any enquiry please do contact us by click on any list that pickiddo is provided.