What Is Pickiddo

What is Pickiddo

Cloud-based app, designed on anyone's smartphone to help parents manage and monitor their children education through their choosen tuition center.

Why use Pickiddo

Add on subject and package for student subscribe

Manage student report card

Schedule Class through online

Integrate attendance system by using wifi

Generate payment for student subscribe package

Generate salary slip for teacher

The Basic

The People

Our admin on Pickiddo will creates account user for each Tuition Center. As a whole, our web application is comprised of the following people :




How to register as Pickiddo?

To register as admin, our admin Pickiddo will create account for you and will giving to you username, password and tuition center id as an authorized user. Once you received this details, you can start start login on Pickiddo Website

Below is snapshot steps you need to follow to login after you have received username and password from our admin

  Step 1

Visit website pickiddo.com


Please visit our website pickiddo.com on your browser and make sure you have connection with internet

  Step 2

Click Sign in on the top menu right

  Step 3

Enter username and password


Please input correct username and password that you have received from our admin to make sure you are an authorized user.Please click Login once you have done.