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Customize Drive Test Bin Size

Start to customize Drive test size on mapping

Step 1 : Drive test

First click button Drive Test inside the tabbed.

Step 2 : Drive test data

Click button drive test data.

Step 3 : Choose username

Then click button username that you want and for example; username admin.

Step 4 : Choose project name

Click the button project name.

Step 5 : Choose vendor

Now, tick the vendor and system of the site database. The drive test route display on map.

Step 6 : Setting

Click the setting and it will popup a configuration setting.

Step 7 : Drive test

Click button Drive Test.

Step 8 : DT Bin size

Click DT Bin size.

Step 9 : Bin distance

To change bin distance drive test route, drag the range slider.

Step 10 : Bin size

To change bin size drive test route, drag the range slider.

Step 11 : Show original drive test layer

To indicate the default route when dragging kpi measurement, enable it.

Step 12 : Apply setting

To make any changes, click button apply.