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Get Started

Since you’re are first time using this tool, let’s we show you the next step to create team on teamwork. How you proceed is depends on the way you using this tool. If you’re looking to create your own team, this is right path for you to get started.

Step 1 : Create a team

First, visit / GetStarted. Choose create team as your selection. Click button View More. We will instruct you step by step.

To grant access authorization, all you need is email address to register for create new team

Step 2 : Setup your management team

Second, Filling out your company name and name of teamwork. This will represent on the subdomain of your teamwork. Click button SEND.

Step 3: Filling out survey form

Third, Form survey required for user to filling out as our research reference. Click button SEND.

Step 4: Preparing workspace

Fourth, Preparing your workspace so user can start using and please make sure that once progress is ongoing, do not close this window. Once done, click on Go to next step.

Please note that: Keep this page open when progress to create team is running.

Step 5: Authorization of user

Fifth, Grant access on your teamwork. Filling out username and password. Click button SEND.

Step 6: Invite your team

Sixth, It’s a time to bring your team on join your team. Separate your invitation by enter their email address on this form. Click SEND to make your team alert.

Step 7: Creating team is done

Seventh, Congratulation, creating your team is done. Let’s trying our tools and give your feedback to enhance our tool to make more better.