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How to Import Site Network on the mapping?

There are ways that user can import data on the system mapping. This will help user to view the data.

Step 1 : Setting

Click the setting and it will popup a configuration setting.

Step 2 : Import button

Click on the import button.

Step 3 : Site menu

Click on the site menu to display the form.

Step 4 : Filling up the form

To add new project name click ‘+’ button, or if had existing project name just select in dropdown form.

Select your vendor in dropdown form.

Select your system in dropdown form.

Step 5 : Download sample template

Click Download Sample Template button to download sample csv file format.

Step 6 : Choose file

Choose csv file. The file that been save to upload.

Step 7 : Upload file

Click upload button to upload the file that had been choose.