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How to view Drive Test on mapping?

Drive test features has been developed in the hope of helping engineers solved their problems on analyzing data. To obtained the data, our engineer doing drive test on each site that required by clients.

Step 1 : Choose Drive Test

Click button Drive Test inside the tabbed menu.

Step 2 : Choose Drive Test Data

Click button drive test data inside the tabbed menu.

Step 3 : Choose Username

Click username tab under Drive Test Data

Step 4: Choose project

Choose project and checked the checkbox provided

Result of drive test appear on the map based on selection of user on the tab

Done view drive test ? Let’s proceed to show KPI

KPI is listing formula that created based on technology services. Formula are created by our engineers and will be shown on the mapping

Step 1 : Choose button KPI

Choose KPI as selection and select measurement

Step 2 : Choose Username

Choose username on the tab menu

Step 3 : Select technology services

Select technology services that are provided.

Step 4: Result of KPI on mapping

Draging KPI selection on the mapping

Result of KPI shown on the mapping

Guide for Event on Drive Test

Event on drive test is part of features to test the performance of technology services.

Step 1: Click button Event

Click button Event drive test on sub menu of Drive Test

Step 2: Click button Username

Click button Username under Event menu

Step 3: Click button technology services

Click button technology services you wish to select

Step 4: Drag event on the map

Dragging event to know about performance of the event on the drive test